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  2. You will find here all the news about the sims 4. Learn more about the sims 4
  3. The wonderful people of The Sims 4 Studio have completed a batch fix for all the CC doors, windows and arches that were broken with The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu update. The update added the ability to stack windows in build mode. This caused all custom content windows, doors and arches to lose their cutouts
  4. It actually seemed pretty straightforward: Once you had Sims 4 Studio installed, all you had to do was go to: Content Management > Batch Fixes > Objects > Fix Windows and Doors (Star Wars Patch) There were some pretty nice other batch fixes I saw in there too, including fixing the ever-frustrating disappearing bathtub problem
  5. Sims 4 CC batch fix for broken windows and doors likely. The Sims 4 Studio developers remain hopeful of rolling out a batch-fix for all the CC windows, doors and arches that broke with the September update. If your Sims 4 CC windows broke after the September update, there might be an easy way to fix the problem soon

How to fix the Unable to fix 1. Open Sims 4 Studio 2. Click on My Projects and select the unable-to-fix package 3. Go to Warehouse tab and search for Model Cutout in the list 4. Select the ressource and click delete 5. Save 6. Rerun the batch fix Running the batch fix on a window or door will cause a new resource to appear in the Warehouse view of that file. This resource records the batch fix version that was applied to the file. If you add new broken windows or doors to the same folder in which this file is placed and run the batch fix again, this resource allows Studio to skip over this file instead of fixing it again If you do decide to try this, please do not delete the backup of your save game that is generated. If you want to try this, press Ctrl+Shift+C in Sims 4 Studio and enter chairfix.savegames.update without quotes. This will launch the batch fix window that will fix the save games. This cheat code is a test. Please do not delete the save game backup that Studio made before checking the integrity of your saved games if you run this cheat Fix CC Light Tuning: Mit einem Patch wurden die Lichtverhältnisse in den Räumen verbessert. Wenn einem CC-Lichter/Lampen komisch vor kommen, einfach mal diesen Batchfix drüber laufen lassen Fix Mirror Tuning: Mit dem Vampirpack sind sämtliche CC-Spiegel hinüber gewesen. Der Grund war: Vampire sehen sich im Spiegel ja nicht nicht, weil sie kein Spiegelbild haben. Damit konnten die CC-Spiegel nicht umgehen und gaben einen Scriptfehler aus. Mit dem Batchfix nicht mehr

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Download Sims 4 Studio - Open Beta Version - 15 Viewing. Download the beta version of Sims 4 Studio for Mac (Apple Blossom) and Windows (Wishes) here. 3: 69: Sims 4 Studio for Windows (Wishes) - Open Beta by andrew Apr 3, 2021 13:09:01 GMT -5: Sims 4 Studio Wish List - 1 Viewing. Post your ideas for new features and suggestions for improvement here. 1: 376: Suggestions for Sims 4 Studio - Updated by orangemitten Mit dem Sims 4 Studio könnt ihr ganz einfach allgemein CC fixen - beispielsweise Lampen, Spiegel oder auch Kleidung, die nach Patches teilweise nicht mehr funktionieren. Ruft dazu den Reiter Content Management auf und danach dann Batch fixes Das Programm legt beim Reparieren automatisch Sicherungen der reparierten Dateien in einem extra-Ordner an - sollte also etwas schief laufen, hab ihr. Sims 4 Studio kann kostenlos von unserem Software-Portal heruntergeladen werden. Die unter den Benutzerinnen und Benutzern dieses Programms beliebtesten Versionen sind 3.1, 3.0 und 2.6. Dieses kostenlose PC-Programm wurde für Windows 7, Windows 8 oder Windows 10 entwickelt und kann unter 32-Bit-System benutzt werden. Diese Software.

The Sims 4: How to run a Batch Fix with Sims 4 Studio Step 1. Install Sims 4 Studio! In the Learning Your Tools: Sims4Studio guide I will walk you through the install... Step 2. Now that you have Sims 4 Studio installed, launch the program. You will now see three options listed under Batch.... Sims 4 Studio releases batch fix for broken doors & windows It's taken a looong time, but there's finally a batch fix for custom content doors and windows that haven't worked since the Star Wars pack dropped. From Sims 4 Studio: Studio is updating today with a batch fix for custom windows and doors that were broken by the Star Wars patch Hey guys, welcome to my channel! Open me-----I know my audio was a bit wack...

The Sims 4 Studio developers remain hopeful of rolling out a batch-fix for all the CC windows, doors and arches that broke with the September update. msn news powered by Microsoft New He has created upwards of 200 doors and windows, for which he charges absurd prices. And for the last month, he has neglected to fix the windows and doors, despite the existence of relevant literature carefully detailing exactly how he could fix them without a Sims 4 Studios update. Today, Felixandre released fixed doors and windows for the Sims 4. To put it lightly, they suck. The windows and doors are surrounded by black dots and lines, and one of windows has a massive gap in. Sims 4 Studio. March 27 at 3:52 PM ·. Studio has been updated for the newest patch and 3 kits. The newest version is [Game Packs] + Fixed a bug with the last version that prevented the Throwback Fit Kit from showing up in S4S

The Sims 4 Studio is a free versatile tool for making custom content for Sims 4. Posts; About; Community Tested Download; Open Beta Download; Request Help; Archive; Studio updates with a makeup batch fix (Windows & Mac) Hi all, Studio has added a batch fix that will update all CC makeup that currently is not working with the makeup slider system EA recently added.. Here is a simple easy tutorial on how to INSTALL and use the sims 4 studio for create free simple and easy cc for your sims 4 game.. please keep tuned for mo.. Sims 4 Studio for Windows, mod the sims 4, the sims 4 mods pc, the sims 4 mod, best mods for the sims 4. Studio has added a batch fix that will update all CC makeup that currently is not working with the makeup slider system EA recently added. The batch fix will also allow batch fixed eyeliners to work with the saturation slider and fixed blushes. There is a new version of Studio available and it comes with a CC chair fix! Please note that after batch fix all CC chairs will disappear from your houses and will need to be re-purchased. There is an experimental cheat code that you can run on your save that may spare you from having to re-buy all fixed chairs. IMPORTANT: make sure that you've backed up your saves before running this experimental cheat code. Andre Hi everyone! New version of Windows Studio (Wishes) is available. You will find updated batch fix for clothes and new batch fix for CC benches,..

mac-cosimetics:MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundations An oil-controlling formula that offers a natural matte finish with medium to full coverage.**These foundations come in 28 shades each color has 5 int. Article by Mira. 1k. Afro Hair Sims 4 Cc Sims 4 Curly Hair Sims Hair Curly Hair Styles Sims 4 Mac Sims 3 The Sims 4 Pc Sims 4 Mods Clothes Sims Mods 1. Go to the Sims 4 studio website to download the last version of the software. 2. Choose Wishes version for Windows or Candy Apple for Mac 3. Scroll until you see a big red D o wnload and click on installer. 4. Extract .zip if necessary or click on .exe. Note: If you have an antivirus protection, you might get a message error telling you it's not secure. If you downloaded from the original website, it's completely safe ! So just allow it and continue

You can read more about how to use the batch fix for broken CC windows, doors and arches on the official Sims 4 Studio website. There is some not-so-good news after the Sims 4 Snowy Escape update. Dec 13, 2013 - Hi. Today, theres only a small update for my BuBu Set. Includes blinds in six different sizes ( sailfindragons Esprit Venetian Blinds edit) to match my BuBu Windows . And second item is JRWs Stair Wall Fix recolors to match my BuBu Modular Stairs . Both are base game compatible Mit dem Sims 4 Studio könnt ihr ganz einfach eure CCs fixen. Sims 4 Studio downloaden (ZIP empfohlen) & öffnen. Klickt mit der Maus auf Content Management, danach auf Batch Fixes. Wählt entweder CAS/Objekte aus. Batch Fix ausführen Es ist wichtig das ihr Mods und CCs trennt, da Mods nicht mit dem Sims 4 Studio gefixt werden dürfen

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OBS Studio Support. Windows Support Question / Help OBS makes the sims 4 laggy - how to fix this? Thread starter Betina; Start date Aug 22, 2017; B. Betina New Member. Aug 22, 2017 #1 I used to have OBS (not sure which version) on my computer and used it to record the sims 4. I recently had to reinstall my operating system and therefore also OBS. I have no installed OBS 19 and managed to set. Jan 30, 2021 - Window / Door Collection Pack: Part I (doors only) 24 items total (medium and small) [PLEASE READ THE TIER DESCRIPTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU PLEDGE] ⫸ Download link and more info on my patreon ⫷.. Fix 4: Update/Repair/Reinstall Sims 4. If the above methods fail to fix Sims 4 mods not working issue, perhaps there are some problems with the Sims 4 game itself. As you know, certain updates might be released from time to time to fix some potential problems and bugs of the game. So, you should update your Sims 4 to the latest version if you. Sims 4 Studio. 6 311 J'aime · 23 en parlent. The Sims 4 Studio is a free versatile tool for making custom content for Sims 4

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The Sims 4™ was released at a time when 32-bit Windows™ was still being built into new computer systems, so it was launched as a 32-bit application software. But 64-bit Windows™ Operating Systems had been around for quite some time and it would only be a matter of time before all new computers running Windows™ would be 64-bit. And that is the case today as most new PC being built come. Sims 4 Studio. 6 155 liker dette · 13 snakker om dette. The Sims 4 Studio is a free versatile tool for making custom content for Sims 4 Sims 4 Studio. 6 320 mentions J'aime · 17 en parlent. The Sims 4 Studio is a free versatile tool for making custom content for Sims 4 Sims 4 Studio 。 6,241 個讚 · 33 人正在談論這個。 The Sims 4 Studio is a free versatile tool for making custom content for Sims 4

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Sims 4 Full Version Pc Windows Sims 4 Simulator Game Lovers From the studio lot to V... powered by Peatix : More than a ticket. The Sims 4 Has Stopped Working: How to Fix The Sims 4 Baby to Child Glitch Download Mirror 2 for: The Sims 4 Get Famous Free Download (Incl. All DLCs) Thé new Sims 4 is expanded with three types of expansions: New expansion pack, add new objects along with these. The Sims 4: Discover University v1.58.63.1010 [MULTI17] Fixed Files The Sims 4: Island Living v1.56.52.1020 [MULTI17] Fixed Files The Sims 4: Island Living v1.55.108.1020 [MULTI17] Fixed File Fixed a bug with pop-up windows in gallery or social groups panel opening in wrong tab; In The Sims 4: Snowy Escapades but they are asking users to send save files to EA Answers HQ to help improve The Sims 4. More importantly, however, the studio announced a new game pack and kit for The Sims 4, details of which will be revealed in just a few weeks. Some have speculated about the.

Today, we are going to be talking about how to fix Sims 4 save errors 510, 533, 532, 513, 536. Having issues with saving your game progress in any game is a nightmare. However, the worst is when it comes to Sims 4, especially when you think about the time, patience, and energy you have spent developing your sim. Also, you are scared to continue playing because the game is currently in a state. The Sims 4 Fixes - All Good things - Forum FAQ. [LAST UPDATED ON 22-03-2020] - Forum Rules. [LAST UPDATED ON 22-03-2020] - *MUST READ* How to install The Si . Current date/time is Tue 11 May 2021, 17:09. The Sims 4 Fixes :: The Sims 4 - WINDOWS/PC :: The Sims 4 Fixes. Announcement & Sticky Replies Views Last Posts Global announcement: All Good things by ☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ 1 Replies 9490. Sims 4 Studio for Windows. Programs and Utilities. admin March 6, 2021. 0. Sims 4 Studio for Windows (Wishes) - Open Beta. Sims 4 Studio for Windows (Wishes) - Open Beta. Read More » Featured. Sims 4 Mod Milestones. 2 days ago. Sims 4 Mod Milestones. Sims 4 Custom Food Interactions. 2 days ago. Sims 4 Custom Food Interactions. Sims 4 Custom Drink Interactions. 2 days ago.

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Sims 4 Studio. 6 265 mentions J'aime · 21 en parlent. The Sims 4 Studio is a free versatile tool for making custom content for Sims 4 Visual Studio; Windows Server; Windows Dev Center; Docs; Power Apps; HoloLens 2; Other. Microsoft Rewards ; Free downloads & security; Education; Virtual workshops and training; Gift cards; Licensing ; Microsoft Experience Centre; View Sitemap; Search Search Microsoft.com. Cancel 0 Cart 0 items in shopping cart. Sign in. The Sims™ 4. Electronic Arts. Pick a gift. Continue Cancel. SAVE £29. Other users have also said that this problem can occur if your Origin installation is corrupted. To fix this issue, you need to delete Origin from your computer. Make sure you back up all your games (except Sims 4) before that uninstallation. Reinstall Origin and download Sims 4 again. Check if the issue has been resolved. Solution 4. Clean.

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  1. ou esse download e o avaliou como protegido. S4Studio.exe é o nome de arquivo mais frequente para o instalador desse programa. As versões mais baixadas do programa são 3.1, 3.0 e 2.6. Esse programa tem como desenvolvedor Sims 4 Group. O software está.
  2. ATS4 provides Maxis match custom content to download for the video game the Sims 4. Here, you'll find objects for a recording studio
  3. Kostenlos sims 4 studio下载 herunterladen bei UpdateStar - Ein Player, der nahezu alle Videodateien abspielt, darunter DVDs, Video-CDs, MPEGs und DivX
  4. There are lots of simulator games available online but the Sims 4 is one of the bestselling among others PC simulator game. The Sims 4 belongs to EA Games and was released in 2014 it has won millions of hearts of simulator game lovers and broke its own previous records. The best part is that you don't need a high-end PC to play these games and don't need to be a core gamer, as it is a very.
  5. utes read . Sims 4 is a life simulation game developed by EA and is one of the most popular games in its genre. Sims has had an unstable fan base from being too popular at one point to being just a mediocre game. However, at any given time, there are thousands of.
  6. Unzip and place the .packages in your My Documents/EA/The Sims 4/Mods folder Dézippez et placez les .packages dans le dossier Mes Documents/EA/Les Sims 4 /Mods Fixed objects | Objets réparé
  7. Ways To Fix Sims 2 Keep Crashing Windows 10 Issue Method 1:- Update The Game. The first and foremost thing, being a gamer you must follow is to check whether the game is updated or not. It is often seen that when a game is not updated for a longer period of time, it gets infected with numerous bugs and viruses. These bugs in due course of time slow down the performance of the application.

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  1. ute ago. Help needed with Sims4Studio Chair Batch fix.
  2. Find Windows fix on Weather.info for Montreal. Find What You Are Looking For in Weather.info for Montrea
  3. Right-click on the game for which you want to turn off Origin in game. Choose game properties. Tick the option Disable Origin in game for this game . If this does not work immediately, close Origin and make sure you have no ts4.exe process running (open Task Manager), and then restart your computer/Origin and try again
  4. Computer Problems. Hey, all, my computer needs a new battery and unexpectedly dies while I'm working on my mods. It also dies every single time I open the Sims 4 game, so I haven't been able to work on my custom objects in a while
  5. Problem Meine sämtlichen CC Fenster/Bögen sind nicht mehr durchsichtig. Es sind auch einige Türen betroffen, aber nicht alle. Ursache Mit Patch 1.66.139/ 1.31 hat EA/Maxis eine Anpassung an den Fenstern/Bögen und Türen mit Fenstern vorgenommen, die es nun erlauben, Fenster frei zu platzieren. Diese Änderung hat dazu geführt, dass CC Fenster/Bögen und einige Türen nicht meh
  6. It's up to the creators to fix. Step 1: Move the Mods folder to the desktop, Delete Game Cache Files and delete the localthumbcache.package file from The Sims 4 folder, in the Documents folder. - [\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4] Repair Game in Origin. Start the 'problem game' to try replicating the issue again

Fix #1: Power cycle your computer. When there is an issue with the Sims 4 application installed in your computer or console, the first thing you should do is to restart the electronic device Way 1. Update Graphics Drivers. The first way you can try to make Sims 4 run faster is to update graphics drivers. Now, here is the tutorial. Press Windows key and R key together to open Run dialog. Then type devmgmt.msc in the box and click OK to continue. In the pop-up window, expand the Display adapters and select the graphics card I've been addicted to The Sims series games since the release of Sims 1.My all time favorite is Sims 3 though currently enjoying Sims 4.Besides playing the Sims 4 I love to create custom contents for it,in fact creating custom content for Sims 4 has become my new addiction The Sims 4; Windows & Doors; Clothing - Folding Glass Divider Fixed for The Sims 4 Download link I Visit original site. Related Downloads. Leo Sims - Clothes basket for The Sims 4. Fiance Door & Windows Set for The Sims 4. Jacket, bag and scarf deco for The Sims 4. Leo Sims - Decor Clothes for The Sims 4 . SCAN THIS QR CODE WITH YOUR PHONE. Close. Next Post. Sims 4 Luxury - Artwall. I did do a S4 Studio batch fix today to disallow cc for random as even through MCC settings I keep getting randos walking around Don't do a batch flag change for CC. The most current version of Sims Studio, at least, has a bug. I spent about 4 hours going through all my CC individually and switching off the Random flag. I also checked the Restrict Opposite Gender as well, since I was.

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Doors, Windows - 55 Fixed, Additional and New Doors, Arches, and Windows by Simsational Designs for The Sims 4 Download link More from Simsational Designs Related Downloads Simsational Designs - Screened-In Porch Seri... Simsational Designs - Romantic Garden Expand... Simsational Designs - Austere Build Set for Simsational Designs - Vintage Glamour Buildm.. These files include the rigs exported using Sims 4 Studio. Please do not share for other than the purpose of making pose with Sims 4 Studio. 1.Open the Sims 4 Studio,and export poses to blender as usual. 2.Then open the pose helper,and choose save as,overwrite the file you exported. 3.Edit poses as you like using pose helper

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Vaulted Ranch Windows & Doors Set for The Sims 4 by Simsational Designs basegame compatibility non-default 34 meshes in total with between 25 and 60 colour/style options: find items easily using phrase Vaulted or Ranch in search bar style (found under Modern) and colour filter compatible custom thumbnails Style tool compatible. Downloading. Sims 4 Studio. Thank you for using our software portal. To download the product you want for free, you should use the link provided below and proceed to the developer's website, as this is the only legal source to get Sims 4 Studio. However, we must warn you that downloading Sims 4 Studio from an external source releases FDM Lib.

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Dec 7, 2017 - Update old lighting with Sims 4 Studio - Tools | Batch Fixes | Objects | Fix CC Lighting Tunin Find out in The Sims 4 how to fix blurry / grainy looking Sims. Here are the three solutions to improve the graphics of either your Sims, the game world itself or both. SOLUTION #1: If the blurriness is limited to your Sims only, then it's likely the default grainy textures of The Sims 4 are making your Sims look blurry. To get rid of it, take these steps: • Step 1: Go to the Game. Die Sims 4, Die Sims 4 Console. 08.03.2021. Ein paar Frauen aus der Die Sims-Community erklären, wie sie andere Frauen ermutigen möchten. Die Sims 4 Die Sims Mobile Die Sims FreePlay facebook twitter youtube instagram Spielebibliothek Abonnieren Origin Infos Barrierefreiheit Hilfe Deutschland United States United Kingdom Australia France Italia 日本 Polska Brasil Россия España Ceska. Sims 4 buildmode Download popular; hot; new; 202105 top; 202104 top; 202103 top; Buildmode . All; Makeup ; Clothing; Shoes; Accessories but only being in 2 tile meant they had limited use. So since we can now make windows easily with S4S, I went about making some size variants. simsday. 24 swatchesmesh included, a big thanks to black-le for the orginal meshsecond wall height . simsday.

Kaufe Die Sims™ 4 für PC oder Mac bei Origin. Erstelle und steuere Sims in einer virtuellen Welt. Erweitere dein Spiel mit lustigen Accessoires-, Gameplay- und Erweiterungspacks Extract the file into Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods (or wherever you normally put mods) Compatibility. This mod overrides XML resource . S4_03B33DDF_00000000_06F6554A25E46FD0.xml. and will conflict with other mods using the same resource. This resource controls the length of pregnancy, as well as the chances for twins and triplets. This is compatible with my updated version of.

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  1. Windows 10: The Sims 4 Action Cue Delay Fix. Microsoft released updates on March 8th 2016 for Windows 10 that are for stability in programs. It's recommended that you update to the new version before deciding to downgrade. There is a noticeable improvement with this update. Also at least for me, it fixed the 64bit FPS bug, and 64 bit is.
  2. OS: 64 Bit Required. Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10. CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 Dual-Core 4000+ or equivalent (For computers using built-in graphics chipsets, the game requires 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.0 GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-62 or equivalent) RAM: At least 4 GB RAM
  3. Sims 4: Alle Geld-Cheats im Überblick. In Sims 4 sind Geld-Cheats besonders beliebt, wenn Sie sich neu einrichten oder ein größeres Haus kaufen wollen. Wir zeigen Ihnen alle Codes dafür. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält CHIP ggf. eine Provision vom Händler, z.B. für solche mit -Symbol
  4. Sims 4 Crashing On Windows 10 Does anyone know if the Sims 4 is compatible with Windows 10, I have done everything I can and my game keeps crashing. It was working fine until a couple months ago and I still can't fix it
  5. Die Sims 4-Inhalt Tolle Tierhüte: Enthält eine Sammlung lustiger Tierhüte, mit denen deine Sims so richtig auffallen. Studio. Maxis. Genre. Lebenssimulation. Veröffentlichungsdatum. 1. September 2014. Origin Die Sims™ 4 Digital Deluxe. Steam. Steam Die Sims™ 4 Digital Deluxe. Other Platforms. Andere Plattformen EDITIONEN VERGLEICHEN Enthält: Deluxe Standard Die Sims 4-Basisspiel.

The Sims 4: How to run a Batch Fix with Sims 4 Studi

Hallo ihr Lieben, weiß jemand, ob und wann ein neues Update für Sims 4 - Studio raus kommt? Falls es so ein Update schon gibt, - und es auf englisch erklärt wird, - so bitte ich um eine kleine Übersetzung zu der Antwort meiner Frage hier, hier hinzu zu fügen Buy as gift. Cloud enabled: Requires Xbox Game Pass Ultimate & compatible controller, both sold separately. Select regions & devices. Learn more. + Offers in-app purchases. See System Requirements. SAVE $34.00. The Sims™ 4. $39.99 Original price was $39.99, current price $5.99 $5.99 + delsus. Posts : 11 Windows 10 Pro. New. 30 Jul 2015 #2. brynojenkins said: I have recently installed Windows 10 and now my Sims 1 game won't work. I installed it on my laptop when I had Windows 8.1, and it worked fine. I can go into This PC and play the game from the disc drive, when I do this it gives me an initial screen but when I click. Die Sims 4: Die besten Mods - Wie ihr sie herunterladet & installiert. Für die Lebenssimulation Die Sims 4 gibt es im Internet eine Unmenge Mods, mit denen ihr das Spiel verändern könnt. Wir stellen euch die besten Mods vor, erklären euch, wo ihr sie herunterladen und wie ihr sie installieren könnt. von Sebastian Weber am 02.04.2019, 12.

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3.) Download the file and move the new Sims.exe to the same folder (:C > Program Files (x86) > Maxis > Sims). 4.) Launch, run the game in compatibility mode if necessary. UPDATED: Next issue (solved): Windows 10 is making playing this game a complete nightmare. Errors when saving the household, video bugs, etc Baixe o Sims 4 Studio GRATUITO Confiável para Windows (PC). Livre de vírus e 100% limpo. Obtenha alternativas de download para Sims 4 Studio Im nächstern Schritt der Die Sims 4 Installation musst Du den CD-Key oder Seriencode mit deinem Origin-Account verknüpfen. Gebe dazu den 5×4 Stellen Seriencode in dem entsprechenden Feld unter Produktcode ein. Die nächsten beiden Meldungen kannst Du bestätigen, im Prinzip wird man gefragt, ob man das Spiel wirklich für den eigenen Account aktivieren will. Als nächstes kannst Du. Die Sims 4 Tray Importer Installationsdatei heißt häufig S4TI.exe, S4TI_x64.exe oder Sims4TrayImporter.exe usw. Die beliebtesten Versionen dieses Tools sind 1.3, 1.2 und 1.1. Dieses kostenlose PC-Programm wurde für Windows 7, Windows 8 oder Windows 10 entwickelt und kann unter 32-Bit-Systemen kompatibel. Der eigentliche Entwickler dieser. BoobiBarcelona. 18.03.2018, 18:57. Du musst dir das Sims 4 Studio runterladen und die Haare batch fixen. Das geht unter Tools->Batch Fixes->CAS->Fix Cats & Dogs Patch Glassy Hair. Evtl. solltest du zusätzlich noch die Funktion Update CAS CC Pets Patch nutzen, dann bist du auf der sicheren Seite

Sims 4 Studio releases batch fix for broken doors & window

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